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Z3 2020: Visions of a Shared Future

A ground-breaking online experience
Hanukkah, December 10-17, 2020

JCC Global is proud to partner with the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto, Z3 and many more in order to offer you a one-of-a-kind online weeklong global experience- December 10-17, 2020.

The program included outstanding speakers, interviews, opening, and closing events, local events in North America and around the world, voting for a Giving Circle to support innovative programs, and more.

We thank all the JCCs from around the world for organizing local events as part of the Z3 2020 event. 15 JCCs from Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and Ukraine held local events in conjunction with the main event of Z3 2020, under the auspices of JCC Global.

Watch a few highlights and also full videos from the local events here.

At the closing of the outstanding Z3 event we would also like to congratulate the winning JCCs: These seven extraordinary programs from around the world have been selected for embodying core Z3 values, which ticket holders ranked throughout the experience.


1. Tikkun Olam - Club Náutico Hacoaj, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Art and Culture - The Community Center of Kfar Yona, Music Conservatory, Israel

3. Community - Shimon and Sara Birnbuam JCC, Bridgewater, NJ, USA

4. Holidays/Rituals/Shabbat - Zayit, Emek Hefer Regional Community Center, Israel

5. Learning & Education - JCC Prague, Czech Republic

6. Identity - Community Jewish Cultural Center Beit Ross, Kharkiv, Ukraine

7. Safety and Security- JCC York, PA, USA


Kol HaKavod!

You are welcome to access the rich content from the Z3 event at

During the conference, a series of 7 videos were produced designed to provide background on the 7 pillars of the Jewish people we all share and help decide how to distribute the funds raised within the giving circle (as part of the conference $ 45,000 was distributed to 7 initiatives around the Jewish world). Now, the videos are appearing on YouTube and are intended as content units for learners of all ages. This website has an accompanying lesson plan for each video (adapted for high schools) and our site has a lesson plan that encompasses all 7. The videos are in English, but they all have Hebrew subtitles.

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