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See who won the Z3 grants and catch up with some of the Z3 worldwide events

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

At the closing of the outstanding Z3 event: Visions of a Shared Future we would like to congratulate the winning JCCs:

These seven extraordinary programs from around the world have been selected for embodying core Z3 values, which ticket holders ranked throughout the experience.

These are the 7 JCCs that won and the criteria they won in:

1. Tikkun Olam - Club Náutico Hacoaj, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Art and Culture - The Community Center of Kfar Yona, Music Conservatory, Israel

3. Community - Shimon and Sara Birnbuam JCC, Bridgewater, NJ, USA

4. Holidays/Rituals/Shabbat - Zayit, Emek Hefer Regional Community Center, Israel

5. Learning & Education - JCC Prague, Czech Republic

6. Identity - Community Jewish Cultural Center Beit Ross, Kharkiv, Ukraine

7. Safety and Security- JCC York, PA, USA

Kol HaKavod!

We thank all the JCCs from around the world for organizing local events as part of the Z3 2020 event

15 JCCs from Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, and Ukraine held local events in conjunction with the main event of Z3 2020, under the auspices of JCC Global.

Here are a few highlights from the local events:

Hanukkah family Seder with Bálint Ház JCC in Budapest, Hungary

Watch the full recording

Virtual tour of the Jewish museum in Odessa, Ukraine where many Zionist leaders came from/ Migdal JCC event

Watch the full recording

Hanukkah stand-up show with renowned comedian Benji Lovitt / JCC Krakow event

Watch the full recording

"Chanukah Lights" - Celebrating Hanukkah with the Magic of Ladino tunes as the bridge between communities / Emek Hefer JCC and Zayit, Israel, and Alef JCC, Istanbul, Turkey

Several hundred participants from two communities - on both sides of the Mediterranean, lit the Hanukkah candles together joined by hundreds of viewers from Brazil to South Africa. The Burgata community in the Hefer Valley, Israel (founded by immigrants from Turkey), and the Alef JCC of the Istanbul Jewish community, who shared their common roots stories.

Watch the full recording here:

A Cooking Midrash with Zaporozhe, Ukraine Jewish community

More than 110 participants joined a cooking midrash with Inessa nosenko, Executive Director of JCC Mazal Tov in Zaporozhe, Ukraine

Music that Builds bridges- Jewish and Arab Candle Lighting with Kfar Yona and Qalansuwa

"Music that builds Bridges" - Jewish and Arab teens from Kfar Yona and Qalansuwa that study music together, year-round, gathered for a joint program of music and discussion that promises to bring lots of lights

We need to talk, we need to listen, we need to act – meet the diversity of voices of Israeli teens from Netanya / East Netanya JCC event

Musical performance "imagining the future" with Carlos Metta

Candle Lighting with Kharkiv, Ukraine, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jewish communities and global friends

Gadi Sukenik: Inside Stories/ Migvanim Ramat HaSharon JCC

Watch the full recording of the event

Zika Gan Yavne, Israel Invites You to Light Candles and Learn about Jewish Identity in Israel

Zika Gan Yavne presented their creative and innovative efforts to infuse meaning and relevance to Jewish holidays.

And a few events will take place in the last day of Hanukkah:

El fuego Como Elemento Espiritual - The Fire as a Spiritual Element / Lamroth HaKol JCC, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Januca, Como Educar Desde Nuestras Tradiciones? - Hanukkah, How to Educate From Our Traditions?/ Lamroth HaKol JCC, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our thanks go to the Z3 project, the Oshman Family JCC in Palo Alto and JCC Association and to all the viewers and participants!

You are welcome to access the rich content from the Z3 event at

See you all next year!



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