Jewish Peoplehood LatinoAmerica research project strengthens Jewish life in Latin America.


We organize JCC-focused study seminars around the world.


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Jewish Peoplehood in a Fragmented Global world:

perspectives and voices from Latin America

Studying the changing perceptions of Jewish peoplehood and identity in Latin America. The idea was to listen to the different voices and understandings of Judaism, that express the manifold and complex diversity of Latin American Jewry. In many forums that deal with Jewish life, the rich experience of Latin American Jewry is marginalized and not considered. Our institutions decided to overcome this lacuna with our research, in a collaborative way, joining forces and resources.

JCC Global study visit to Mexico City 

July 7-11, 2019


Hosted by CDI Mexico in conjunction with the Pan American Maccabi Games and under the auspices of MWU and CLAM


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