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Update on Ukraine

With a broken heart and loss of words we watch the devastation in southern Ukraine as a result of the explosion of the Kakhovka dam. Hundreds of thousands of people are being affected, many without access to drinking water and the fear of diseases is mounting. As in the past, the JCCs are quick to respond with humanitarian and social assistance to all who need it. We are in close communication with the Mazal Tov JCC in Zaporozhe, the NOEK JCC in Mykolaiv, Migdal JCC in Odessa, and Solomonika JCC in Dnipro. So far, these JCCs report that they are safe and fully mobilized to help. Many citizens already fled the Kherson region since the outset of the war. Still, there are those who stayed behind. To the most part, the elderly people that either cannot leave or do not want to leave. The Kherson Hesed building which has been damaged has been evacuated. Necessary equipment, food supplies, diapers etc. were taken out and moved to the synagogue. Since Zaporozhe is higher than the country side, it is in a better geographical situation. In Mykolaiv, the water level has risen but not to a critical level. Still residents are asked not to eat, catch, or sell fish. The JCCs in the region, while still at a state of war, are enlisting their staff to assist. While only a handful of Jewish families have fled, the JCCs are helping all residents with water, food, and shelter. On your behalf, we convey to our partners and friends our care and concern and our deepest appreciation and admiration. JCC Global Team

Kherson area, June 6, 2023



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