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The delight of being proven wrong and more….The Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hubs program trained,

The Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hubs program trained, thus far, 712 JCC leaders from 53 (!) countries and 165 cities that participated in 18 Hubs, in partnership with 12 organizations. See full list of Hubs here. To read how it all started click on the Delight of Being Proven Wrong full article that was published in eJewish philanthropy.

A Grant from the Ronald S. Rauderburg Foundation

Thanks to the endorsement of JCC Global Vice President, Doron Krakow, JCC Global will receive a grant from the Ronald S. Rauderburg Foundation to help the capacity building of JCCs in Ukraine and the service of refugees in Budapest and Krakow. The program is being designed with JCC partners in the field and will begin in a few weeks.

A Leadership Visit of the Jewish Community of Romania

JCC Global was delighted to host Mr. Ovidiu Banescu, Vice President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, and Mr. Ery Pervulescu, Director of National Jewish Programs in Romania, who were accompanied by Mr. Israel Sabag from JDC.

With approximately 8,000 Jews residing in Romania today, including 3,500 in Bucharest, and 39 smaller communities across the country, the Jewish community boasts a vibrant JCC, a center for Jewish life. During their stay, the guests visited the Ir Yamim Community Center in Netanya South, the Neve Yosef Community Center in Haifa, and the Kiryat Bialik Community Centers. Learning and sharing the unique attributes of each community center.

The National Library of Israel, Israel@75 Exhibition available for JCCs

Bring the treasures of the National Library of Israel to your community with an exhibit of 18 highlights from the Library’s collections, available online with an option to print for mounting in your venue. Educational resources, including lesson plans, webinars, videos, in-person speakers and more, are available in conjunction with the exhibition. More info here.

Israel@75 Concerts Continue

Renowned Israeli singer, Bat Ella, best known for performing with the late Debbie Friedman, continues to bring her music to large audiences in Israel and overseas. With recent concerts in Park Avenue Synagogue NY, Los Angeles, Boston, Cincinnati, London, Limmud UK and all-around Israel, Bat Ella is eager to come to your JCC. For more information contact:

As Summer Camps begin in many Jewish communities, we are looking forward to a memorable and safe season. JCC Global Team



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