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Speakers Announced for November 2nd Zoom Call

Supporting youth during the war in Israel zoom call will take place on Thursday, November 1, at 12:00 p.m. NY time/ 6:00 p.m. Israel time (one hour).


- Fuad Alziadane, Executive Director, Rahat Community Center for the Bedouin community in the Negev

- Mayrav Chady Chayon, Chair, Ashkelon-Baltimore- P2K Partnership accompanied by a local volunteer teenager.

- Neal Rosenberg, Assistant Director, Teen Programs & Travel Camps, Mid-Island Y JCC, New York

- Eliran Moyal, Executive Director, Kiryat Hasharon Community Center, Netanya East

- David Zur, Director, Youth Department, Israel Association of Community Centers

Countless of Israeli youth have been affected by the war. From those murdered and wounded to those abducted and those who survived. Tens of thousands have been evacuated, are under rocket threats or simply out of school, their daily routines disrupted. With dedicated professional staff members and thousands of volunteers, the Community Centers in Israel are addressing all these needs in a myriad of ways.

JCC Global is raising $50,000 above budget to support the war efforts of the The Israel Association of Community Centers and the Israel and the Israel Federation of Community Centers Please donate to help several initiatives:

- Helping youth at risk among the evacuees.

- Providing a mobile Art Mobil in memory of Livnat Kutz of blessed memory, who worked at the Community Center of Sha’r Hanegev and was brutally murdered with her husband and three children in Kfar Aza.

- Offering psychological support to children and youth and helping seniors in Ashkelon.

- Connecting JCCs from around the world with their peers in Israel for moral and actual support through JCC Global.

To donate, please click on the button below: (for a USA tax exemption donation, please make sure to click on the first button, JCC Global USA, Inc.)

Illustration made by Israeli illustrator Shiri Harel



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