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New JCC in Sydney, Australia and 17 more!

More than 30 representatives building or rebuilding new JCCs in 18 (Chai) cities and 13 (!) countries joined the Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hub: New Kids on the Block: Emerging JCCs, in partnership with the European Council of Jewish Communities.

18 New JCCs

It is heartwarming that even during pandemic times, new JCCs are emerging. They are at different stages of development: from 10 families meeting in a living room to multimillion-dollar buildings, and everything in between. But they all share a common vision: building vibrant and relevant Jewish communities, now more than ever. The JCCs are in: Sydney, Australia; Prague, Czech Republic; Berlin and Cologne in Germany; Casablanca, Morocco, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Izhevsk, Russia; Lisbon, Portugal, Izmir, Turkey; Brighton, UK; Poltava, Novosibirsk, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Berkeley, CA, Brooklyn; NY and Helena, Montana; USA. Together with affiliate organizations, JCC Global is committed to supporting, training, encouraging and providing access to the wealth of resources that the global JCC network can provide to the “new kids on the block”.

Spotlight: Hakoah JCC in Sydney, Australia

One of the newest JCCs is Hakoah Sydney, Australia.

Hakoah Sydney promises to fill up a major missing piece in Australian Jewry that will ensure Jewish continuity by creating a communal hub that will offer sport, music, art and culture, and a wide array of communal programs and events. You can get a glimpse into their exciting vision and also read their informative planning brochure.

The power of the global network has already been demonstrated thanks to Andrew Levy, Executive Director of the Schwartz Reisman Centre, and the Prosserman JCC- a JCC that recently opened its renovated state-of-the-art building!

Andrew and his team have been extremely helpful by mentoring the Hakoah team for several years now and both sides couldn’t have been more gratified. We asked both Andrew and Gary Samowitz, founding director of Hakoah Sydney to reflect on their joint experience:

From Andrew: “It’s been a pleasure to play a small role in Hakoah Sydney community’s incredible story. While we are excited to be there to support their opening, the best way to pave its way forward is to help another JCC get off the ground. We take a lot of pride in building the Jewish community locally, continentally, and globally (and now virtually 😀) as our ultimate goal is to strengthen the future of Jewish life. The Prosserman JCC couldn’t come at a more important time for our community. After months of isolation and a global health crisis, JCCs are more important than ever. The work happening in Sydney throughout the pandemic is truly amazing as momentum continues to build and it’s inspiring to see the local community so dedicated to making this a reality. Kol Hakavod! We will continue to be helpful in any way we can.”

From Gary: “The Hakoah Club in Sydney owes a huge debt of gratitude to Andrew and his team. They have hosted me and several board members in Toronto. They have given us every document we have ever asked for and really mentored us through each step.

It’s been a beautiful partnership, and when we open in 2 years’ time, we will be inviting our friends from Toronto to Sydney to help us launch this exciting new JCC - Australia’s first“.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Hakoah has a sibling in Argentina? Club Nautico Hacoaj Buenos Aires is one of the largest and most successful JCCs in the continent, affiliated with CLAM and MWU. Both JCCs were built by descendants of Hakoah Vienna. Hakoah הכח means strength in Hebrew. Prior to WWII, Hakoah Vienna was a Jewish sports club that produced several Olympic athletes and was notable for fielding an entirely Jewish association football team with players drawn from across Europe.

“Each one is a small light and together we are steadfast” JCCs joining Global Hanukkah Programs

Imagine Jews around the world celebrating together the holiday of Hannukah! Following the success of the 2020 pilot program that was part of the Z3 event, JCC Global, in partnership with JAFI and in collaboration with the Israel Association of Community Centers and as part of Hanukkah Homecoming, is inviting JCCs around the world to celebrate together the holiday of Hannukah as a symbol of light, hope and unity. More than 40 JCCs are already participating in the program and there are a few spots left. For more information, write us at:

JCC Global will be featured on Virtual J during Hanukkah

On Monday, November 29th at 7:00 p.m. NY time, JCC Global’s Hanukkah candle lighting from around the world will be presented on Virtual J- the new and exciting platform for JCCs in North America and around the world. Wherever you are, you are welcome to sign up for free and enjoy a wealth of content either live or on demand. The project was initiated by the JCCs of Toronto and now it is presented in partnership with JCC Association, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Second E- Summit for European Jewish Leaders

JCC Global is proud to partner with ECJC and JDC to bring to you the largest online gathering of European Jewish leaders, November 19-22, 2021. For a detailed program and to register, click here.

It’s Never too Early to Start Dancing:

The 48th Carlos Halpert Aviv Jewish Dance Festival

March 27- April 3, 2022 Accepting Applications

After a huge online success in 2021, with 27 dance troupes from 10 countries joining dozens of local Jewish Mexican dance troupes, this year the festival will take place both face-to-face and on-line with a pre online international competition on Sunday, March 10th. JCC Global is looking to recruit dance troupes from around the world. For more information and to receive the application forms, please send an email to: or to info@jccglobal.



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