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JCC Global Launches New Program /Call for Candidates

JCC Global Launches Multi-Faceted Program to Strengthen JCCs in Ukraine

JCC Global Launches Multi-Faceted Program to Strengthen JCCs in Ukraine impacted by the ongoing war.


The program will focus on three interconnected tiers and several content areas:

1. Local Level- Providing employment services and mental health support directly to local JCC members in Ukraine.

2. Regional Level- Developing a nationwide JCC network in Ukraine, under the auspices of JCC Global, to build organizational capacity and create shared tools/resources for local program delivery.

3. Global Level- Establishing three-year partnerships where JCCs in Ukraine are matched with peer JCCs in North America, Israel, Europe, and Latin America. These collaborations will provide mentorship on resource development, capacity building, and facilitate people-to-people joint programming.


JCC Global would like to thank its long-time partners and donors and the North American Jewish charities that made this program possible:

  • The Jewish Federations of North America

  • UJA Federation of New York

  • The Jack Buncher Foundation

  • The Roland S. Roadburg Foundation 

To read the full Press Release, please click her:

Download PDF • 367KB

A Call for Candidates: "JCC Global-From Good to Great"

"JCC Global-From Good to Great: Ensuring the Future Sustainability of JCCs in Ukraine through Global Collaborations” is a three-year program designed to enhance the capacity and sustainability of JCCs in Ukraine impacted by the ongoing war.


JCC Global is looking to recruit 30 JCCs worldwide to form Tri-Center partnerships: 10 from Ukraine, 10 from North America, 5 from Israel, 3 from Europe, and 2 from Latin America.


The senior leaders of the selected JCCs will come together for a three-day retreat in Budapest, December 10-13, 2024, and in Israel in 2027 (dates to be determined). 


The program is made possible thanks to a grant from the Jewish Federations of North America and will be implemented in partnership with JCC Global partner organizations.


By leveraging the successful “JCC Global Amitim-Fellows” model, the program will facilitate global collaborations with partner JCCs worldwide. This program aims to reinforce Jewish Peoplehood concepts and practice, embodying the phrase of “All of Israel are Responsible for One Another”.


To read the full call for candidates, click here:

From Good to Great 2024 - Call for Candidates
Download PDF • 5.80MB

To apply click here:

For the application form in PDF format:

JCC Global “From Good to Great” program application form - Google Forms PRINT
Download PDF • 156KB

Application deadline: Monday, July 22, 2024

Final acceptance letters sent by: Tuesday, October 1, 2024



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