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JCC Global invites you for a zoom update on the Community Centers in the Gaza/Southern region at war

Join us tomorrow, October 9, at 12:00 p.m. NY time/ 7:00 p.m. Israel time for a briefing on the role of the Community Centers in the Gaza/Southern region during the war with Liat Ellert, Director of Resource Development and Partnerships at IACC and representatives from the Southern Community Centers (to be finalized tomorrow upon their availability).

From the first moments of the Hamas deadly attack early morning yesterday, the Israeli Community Centers in the Gaza/Southern region, under the auspices of the Israel Association of Community Centers have taken a major leadership role. Building upon a robust communal infrastructure that was developed over the years, they were able to mobilize resources and support. All the Community Centers swiftly mobilized hundreds of staff members and volunteers to take upon themselves various assignments. For example, in Sdot Negev, the need is physical; to transfer equipment to various locations. The Community Center recruited dozens of volunteers to arrive with their personal vehicles and execute the mission. In Ofakim, the Community Center personnel are in close contacts with all those who are staying in the shelters to monitor their situation and identify their needs. In Sderot, the Community Center is staffing the emergency center and provides information on the whereabouts of each and every citizen. This crucial information literally saved lives during the chaotic and tragic hours. And the list goes on. As of this morning, the current needs are first and foremost physical. To provide food, medicine, clothes, batteries, towels etc. for the thousands of people who are either in shelters or have been evacuated. Shortly after, attention will be given to educational, recreational and psychological needs. For that matter, our close partner, the Israel Association of Community Centers is opening a huge storage space for all the equipment that will be deployed in the coming days and weeks. So many of you have reached out with messages of care and concern, looking for ways to help. In the short term, funds are needed to buy essential goods and distribute them to the citizens. As time goes by, we will utilize the power of global JCC to JCC connections to engage in meaningful collaborations for moral, educational and recreational support. During the call we will provide information of ways to make a donation via JCC Global to the Association for the Advancement of Community Centers in Israel. Praying for the safe return of hostages and healing to all who are in grief and pain, JCC Global Team



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