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From Berlin, to Majorca, to Jerusalem and beyond

This year, around the Seder table, we may find ourselves in fierce debates on issues of freedom, democracy, sovereignty, security and human rights. No doubt, the political crisis in Israel is tearing communities and families apart. Let us take example from our sages who perfected the art of debate and make sure there is a safe space for all voices. Let us remember that we crossed the Red Sea together and are striving towards a common destiny. The State of Israel was founded as the national home for all the Jews around the world and with a promise for full justice to all its inhabitants, regardless of their religion, race or gender. We, Jews in Israel and around the world, thus, carry a tremendous responsibility to shape Israel's future guided by these worthy principles. Now more than ever, let us keep the strong sense of Kol Yisrael Arevin Ze Ba'ze- All of Israel are responsible for each other. Let us celebrate with prayers for healing and peace.

At Berlin Summit, more than 400 delegates from 30 countries recommit to strengthening Jewish life in Europe

Congratulations to Michael Blake, President, and Mariano Shlimovich, Executive Director, for leading an outstanding 5th Summit of European Jewish leaders in Berlin, March 26-28, the largest ever. Together with JDC Europe staff members and ZWST Germany host community, an engaging and thought-provoking program brought to the forefront the major topics of concern for European Jewry today. JCC Global, which was a co-sponsor, brought a 20-member senior leadership delegation from Israel and the USA and led a JCC Global track. The JCC Global program began with a Pre-Summit Shabbat program and a visit to the ZWST Omanut art studio for individuals with special needs. JCC sessions focused on how JCCs have pivoted during times of crisis and on reimagining the future of JCCs. A JCC Global leadership meeting with board members and guests discussed the current political crisis in Israel and the role of the JCC as a place for dialogue and healing. The Summit helped bolster the collaborations with JCCs in Europe and FSU and opened new horizons. For an eJewish philanthropy article, click here For a JTA article, click here

Register today for a new Hub: Journeys- Tourism as a Lever for JCC Growth

Together with ECJC, the next Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hub will help JCCs utilize their local touristic treasures to grow their membership and revenue. Join participants from Greece, Portugal, USA, Ukraine and even the Philippines and open new horizons for JCC members and leadership. Read more about the hub and registration form link This is also an opportunity to acknowledge two successful Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hubs that have just concluded:

- “The JCC Global Hub: Aging with Grace”, in partnership with Jewish Care, UK and JDC Eshel, brought together 94 participants from 9 counties and 49 cities. Back by popular demand, the Hub will continue and will now actively connect participating JCCs.

- “The JCC Global Hub: Jewish Peoplehood at your JCC” in partnership with ANU museum was also very meaningful with 51 participants from 6 countries and 27 cities. Several JCCs will now join the global partnership programs that were offered by the Hub.

Jewish Majorca offers a Hot Air Zoom Balloon program for JCCs

Jewish Majorca invites JCCs from around the world to virtually travel on a Hot Air Zoom Balloon and visit different Jewish communities around the world. The program offers a mix of Jewish and non-Jewish tour guides that are walking LIVE in the narrow alleyways of medieval Jewish quarters in Spain and in Eastern Europe.

The program also spotlights current Jewish community leaders using pre-recorded videos that show synagogue interiors and pockets of Jewish life today in 100 Jewish communities, all over the world. To tailor make a program for your JCC, please contact:

The Jerusalem Biennale invites you to the global premiere of a unique portrait collection of Israel’s first twelve Prime Ministers, April 24- May 4, 2023 in Jerusalem

In a global premiere, a unique private collection of pointillism art (circles of color that form an image when viewed from afar) portraying Israel’s first twelve prime ministers will be displayed to the public in honor of Israel’s 75 th Independence Day.

The initiative of ex-South African Israeli Myron Zaidel, the collection entitled Prime Ministers in Perspective was created by one of the world’s leading pointillism artists, South African Gavin Rain. It will be displayed for the first time to the public in a two-week exhibition at the Biennale Gallery, in the central space of the historic Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital, from 24 April – 7 May. On Israel’s Independence Day itself (April26), the gallery will host interactive art events for families, related entertainment and speakers – all free of charge. For additional information, contact

Reading Megillat Ha’atzmaut Event

On April 23, 2023, the festive event of the World Zionist Organization of reading Megillat Ha'atzmaut - the Declaration of Independence will take place at the Egalitarian Kotel. The event will be broadcasted in Facebook live. Follow us on Facebook to keep you posted. In addition, WZO are offering two new educational activities on their website that are very suitable for use alongside the event – an escape room activity and an exhibition of iconic photos from our lives in the State of Israel based on the content of the Declaration of Independence.



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