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Mark Ramer Chesed Center opens in Long Island, New York

Inspired by a visit to CDI Mexico, the Ramer family opened on May 23rd, a unique service center to help local individuals and families with their personal needs.

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Dr. Mark Ramer, JCC Global President (2015-2019) had a special affinity to the Jewish community of Mexico City. He visited that community several times and established close friendships with several of its leaders. Mark firmly believed in “K’lal Yisrael”, the concept of a Jewish peoplehood, and, as President of JCC Global, he sought to connect communities throughout the organization’s vast global network of JCC’s around the world. After visiting the Jewish community in Mexico City, Mark’s enthusiasm was invigorated.  He returned home, telling anyone who would listen about the way that this Jewish community cares for one another. 

Following Mark’s untimely death, the Ramer family was invited by Menachem Revivi, JCC Global Chair, to join a JCC Global Seminar in July 2019 to Mexico City for the Pan American Maccabi Games, hosted by our friends at CDI Mexico. During that visit, Marcos Metta Cohen, JCC Global Vice Chair, took the delegation to visit the  Katz Jesed Center  a center that helps the communities’ poor with a state-of-the-art facility and a unique vision of dignity and care.

All the delegation members were very moved by this visit. and inspired by that vision, Adam Ramer, Mark’s son and the Ramer family decided to mobilize local resources and open a similar center.  Facilitated by JCC Global, several consultation calls took place with the Katz Jesed Center and a similar facility is now open in their home town in Long Island. 

Clothing, shoes, school supplies, housewares, appliances, strollers, bicycles and more will now be offered to individuals in need. After completing a simple intake form, clients are then given a scheduled visit and are taken care of in the most dignified manner and made to feel good on so many levels.  As all the goods are donated, for each $1 donated, the center is able to turn that into $15 of new merchandise to give away and to help and assist the families in their community and beyond.

With plans underway to open additional centers in the future, this is another great example of how global connections enrich and stimulate good will around the world. 

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