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Founded in 1977 in Jerusalem, JCC Global is a network of more than 1,000 Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) serving several million Jews in North America, Israel, Europe, Latin America, Former Soviet Union, Australia, and the Far East.


Our Vision: JCC Global envisions a world where Jewish communities thrive locally and connect globally in order to foster a sense of belonging among a diverse and intertwined tapestry of people.


Our Mission: JCC Global creates a network of interwoven communities that strengthens Jewish Peoplehood by training local leaders to think and connect globally and by cultivating meaningful partnerships around the world.

Home: Who We Are
Home: Who We Are

Attention JCC teen professionals:

A New Dr Ramer JCC Global Hub! 

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JCC Global Launches Multi-Faceted Program to Strengthen JCCs in Ukraine

Thanks to the generosity of leading North American Jewish charities, JCC Global will offer a comprehensive program to support JCCs in Ukraine.

To read the full Press Release, please click here:

Home: Who We Are

Attention JCC teen professionals:

A New Dr Ramer JCC Global Hub! 

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A Call for Candidates: "JCC Global-From Good to Great"

JCC Global is recruiting 30 JCCs worldwide for the "From Good to Great" program, designed to enhance the capacity and sustainability of Ukrainian JCCs impacted by the ongoing war.

Senior leaders of selected JCCs will attend retreats in Budapest (December 10-13, 2024) and Israel (2027).

Apply now. Application deadline: July 22, 2024.

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The War in Israel

From the first moments of the Hamas deadly attack during the early moments of October 7, the Israeli Community Centers in the Gaza/Southern region, under the auspices of the Israel Association of Community Centers and the Israel Federation of Community Centers have taken a major leadership role. Building upon a robust communal infrastructure that was developed over the years, they were able to mobilize resources and support. All the Community Centers swiftly mobilized thousands of staff members and volunteers to take upon themselves life savings assignments and have been working around the clock since that moment.

JCC Global is joining the war efforts by enlisting the global network of JCCs to help. For more information, please write to

To make a donation for providing services via the community centers in Israel to evacuated citizens and those in shelters, please click here.

Home: Who We Are

The Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hubs

The Hubs are cohort-based online courses for human resource development and capacity building for JCCs all over the world. Since 2020, JCC Global held:

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Home: Who We Are

Continuing our support to JCCs in Ukraine

Since the onset of the war, in February 2022, JCCs throughout Ukraine turned into centers for welfare and humanitarian aid, all while continuing to provide a wide range of educational, social and recreational programs. JCC Global remains dedicated to supporting JCCs across Ukraine and the region by providing:


- Professional Support: Several Dr Ramer JCC Global Hubs offer capacity building and human resource development programs to JCCs in Ukraine and the region. In addition, staff members attend additional Hubs that enrich their professional took kit and networking opportunities. 

Networking: JCC Global fosters meaningful collaborations with JCCs around the world during the High Holidays, Hanukkah and other global events. These programs have been instrumental in cultivating genuine personal connections among staff members and members of each JCC. 

Financial Support: Thanks to the generosity of the Buncher Foundation, the Ronald S. Raudberg Foundation and JCC Global private donors, JCC Global has provided grants to address specific unmet needs.


Through these multifaceted efforts, JCC Global ensures that no JCC is left alone. 

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There are many ways to build the global network of Jewish Community Centers






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“JCC Global strives to deepen the sense of Jewish Peoplehood throughout the Jewish world”

Morton L. Mandel, JCC Global Founding President

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