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Help JCCs in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries keep making a difference

While the tragic war is still raging, there has been a tremendous outpouring of financial, social, emotional, and medical support from Jewish communities and JCCs the world over.

Major Jewish organizations have mobilized enormous resources and staff who are working tirelessly on the ground. However, from many conversations that we held during the last few days, we understand that still, financial help is what is most needed right now to the JCCs. The time will come, hopefully soon, when the focus will be on rehabilitation and rebuilding of the Jewish communities and absorption of refugees and immigrants in Israel and other countries. This will be the time when JCCs will be asked to help in a more tangible way and we have began planning for that.


Below are links to donations. Please consider supporting some of them:


JCCs/Heseds in Ukraine accepting donations:


JCCs at neighbouring countries that help Ukrainian refugees:

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