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The Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hub: Teen.Truth.Talk

Empowering Impactful Conversations and Actions
in response to current events

Supported by a Rise Up grant from Mosaic United a subsidiary of the Ministry of Diaspora


The Dr. Mark Ramer JCC Global Hubs are cohort-based online courses focusing on human resource development and capacity building.

In response to current events, the JCC Global Hub: Teen.Truth.Talk brings together JCC teen professionals from around the world for a unique opportunity to grapple together with key identity and communal issues that cut across the Jewish world. The hub serves as a platform for gaining knowledge, exploring distinctive narratives and Jewish values and putting to practice global Jewish responsibility- Kol Israel Arevim.

This Hub will go a step further with a follow up program whereby participants will be paired to create joint global teen groups that will meet online and utilize social media tools to advocate for the just representation of Israel and combat antisemitism. 



October 7th is a watershed event in Jewish history. The horrific tragedy on that Black Saturday, the war in Gaza that ensued and the acts of violence and antisemitism that erupted around the world have shattered basic concepts, assumptions, and beliefs. As JCC teen professionals your leadership role is more important today than ever.


The purpose of this Hub is to bring together JCC teen professionals from around the world for joint learning and sharing and help lead groups of teens around the world during this critical time in our history.

Goals of the Hub:

  1. Create a global platform for JCC teen professionals to exercise global Jewish responsibility during the recent times of crisis and turmoil. 

  2. A safe space for JCC teen professionals to share and discuss their thoughts and dilemmas.

  3. Provide accurate basic knowledge on current events in Israel and around the Jewish world.

  4. Acquire a skill set to lead joint groups of teens from Israel and overseas that will promote the just representation of Israel and combat antisemitism.

  5. Become part of a global network of interwoven communities that strengthens Jewish Peoplehood.


  • A series of 6 weekly webinars, each one 1.5 hours long.

  • Starting on Tuesday, January 23, at 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York.

  • Followed by joint teen groups from Israel and overseas that will meet online 5 times from March till June 2024.


Language: English with translation to/from local language as needed


Target Audience: JCC Teen Directors, teen professionals, JCC Professionals, lay leaders involved with teen programming

Cost: $150 per person or $250 per JCC sending up to 3 participants.
For communities in need, subsidies will be available upon request.

Outline of the sessions:

1. Why Jewish? Why today? – The big questions teens are asking today
Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York

Opening session and framing the program and its goals. Open discussion on how the current situation impacts our narratives, identities, concerns and hopes with Samantha Vinokor-Meinreth, the Jewish Education Project, New York. 

2. Why Israel?  Educating for Israel in a time of crisis

Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York
How to develop a strong and meaningful connection to Israel and the impact of October 7th on Israel education with Dan Tatar, Director of Engagement and Strategic Partnerships at the iCenter.

3. Combatting antisemitism

Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York

Presentation and discussion with Yoni Buckman, the education associate at Unpacked for Educators, a division of OpenDor Media. How to identify acts of antisemitism, how to seek support and in what ways to react? Followed by a presentation and discussion with a representative of the Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Anti-Semitism. 

4. The social media Arena

Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York

A hands-on workshop with Israel-Is organization on the ins and outs of social media. A variety of practical tools from reporting and sharing to creating content - pages worth tagging/hashtags/locations, how to hack the algorithm and get more exposure and more.


5. Teen.Truth.Talk for teens

Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York

Presenting an action-based model to connect groups of teens from around the world for joint programming on the topics discussed during the Hub. Lessons learned from the pilot model will be presented and analyzed together with a tool kit for implementation.


6. Caring for others, caring for ourselves

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York

A concluding session with Dr. Betsy Stone on post traumatic growth, followed by ways in which Hub participants can continue supporting each other.

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