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This opportunity has ended. A second cohort may start during 2021.


A series of 6 virtual webinars, each one 1.5 hours long.

every week, at 18:00 Israel time, 11:00 am New York.

Started June 24, 2020.

Language: English


Target Audience:

Executive Directors of JCCs, senior lay leaders of JCCs, JCC staff members who would like to master the topic.

A minimum of 10 participants.  


100 USD per person for the entire hub sessions.

Or - 200 USD for up to 3 people from the same JCC.


Program Description:  

The fiscal sustainability of JCCs has always been a paramount concern for senior staff and leadership. Adding to that the grave ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, and one understands why resource development scored as the no. 1 concern of JCCs worldwide at this point in time. 

For that purpose, this HUB will first and foremost focus on ways in which JCCs can continue their resource development efforts during and after recent weeks and months. In addition, it will provide building blocks for a resource development strategy equipped to tackle future trends and ensure the sustainability of each and every JCC. 


1. June 24, 2020: Resource development during the Covid-19 pandemic: Philanthropic trends and a re-evaluation of your “story”

2. July 1st, 2020: Can remote resource development work? Case studies from recent successful campaigns in USA, Ukraine and Israel. What is applicable and replicable? From crowdsourcing to online events and more.

3. July 8, 2020: What do donors tell us? A panel discussion with major donors from around the world.   

4. July 15, 2020: Building a Culture of Philanthropy 
5. July 22, 2020: Exploring the world of foundations. A panel discussion with representatives of foundations that are focusing on Jewish education and community development.
6. July 28, 2020: The Case for JCCs.

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